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La Bonne Semence Organisation
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Fight against poverty in the Democratic republic of Congo.

Project: Strengthening sustainable agriculture in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

La Bonne Semence Foundation helps women and men who live under poverty and without resource in the Democratic Republic of Congo to launch in the agriculture sector to provide a better future for their children and young generation.
They are mostly farmers in villages with low incomes, with few means and tools of production, working with local and artisanal means (traditional hives, extraction equipment).

The objective of this Project is to fight Poverty in the Democratic Republic of Congo. La Bonne Semence Foundation is launching into the agricultural sector to enable supporting artisanal women and men farmers where providing then with suitable agriculture equipment and training which enable them improving their agricultural productions and finally to feed their families.

The direct beneficiaries of this Project are artisanal women and men living in rural areas; For the most part living under poverty.

The indirect beneficiaries of this project are the consumers of agricultural products in the areas covered by the Project which indirectly also feed on agricultural products