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About Us

The Vision

Radio-TV la Bonne Semence is a Christian site whose purpose is to promote the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ throughout the world through various preaching, biblical teachings, testimonies, prayers, evangelical documentaries, as well as social actions to fulfill the will of the Lord Jesus Christ. From this word “you have received for free, give free” (Matthew 10: 8); Radio-TV la Bonne Semence allows its listeners to download their videos in order to propagate them so that a message of grace reaches all. The Bible says, “Pure and spotless religion, before God our Father, consists in visiting the orphans and widows in their afflictions and in preserving themselves from the defilements of the world” (James 1:27).


Radio-TV la Bonne Semence is a vision and initiative of Brother Didier Sengambo. He accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in 1991, in a Christian assembly in Mombele, in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. He received his baptism in the name of Jesus Christ in the N’Dili River in Kinshasa. He evolved as a disciple and chorister for six years. Shortly before his trip to France, he was visited miraculously in Brazzaville by the Lord Jesus Christ. Arriving at Tourcoing, in France, he met a man of God who prophesied on him in the presence of several persons. The prophecy revealed that he was going to serve God even if he no longer lived in France; while this man of God did not know that Didier was going to leave to live in London in the months that followed. Arriving in London, Brother Didier forgot all the promises of God. In 2003, he decided to leave London to live in Manchester. In September of the same year, the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to him in a vision, reproaching him for his decision to no longer serve him. In his vision, he saw the door of his living room open by itself and a very bright person appeared, his feet not touching the ground. The luminous man was very powerful, and his presence hypnotized and immobilized him. This luminous man addressed him the following words: “Why do you refuse to serve me? It is I who has chosen you, return to serve me because I have a numerous people. The next day, Brother Didier did not obey.

The Bible says, “But if you do not obey the voice of the LORD your God, if you do not observe and do not do all his commandments and all his laws that I command you today, All the curses that will come upon you and that will be your share: you will be cursed in the city, and you will be cursed in the fields…(Deuteronomy 28:15 -16).

Because of his disobedience he went through two difficult years of his life until he decided to return to Jesus Christ in April, 2005. The Lord Jesus Christ appeared to him several times in those years, and commanded him to preach his people the message of salvation “repentance of sins, the return of the Lord Jesus Christ and assistance to the poor (Orphans, widows, blind, lepers, the disabled, the dumb, the aged, the deaf, and the abandoned).


Whereas the Democratic Republic of Congo is facing enormous difficulties in meeting the challenges of the socio-economic and cultural development of its population;

Considering the precarious living conditions of its poor and vulnerable populations in relation to the potential of its natural, cultural and demographic resources;

Considering the negative impact and adverse consequences of poverty on the social development of vulnerable populations from the point of view of health, education, education and the promotion of human rights, contrary to the Millennium Goals;

Considering the importance of initiating and supervising Congolese youth and adults in activities of integral human development and self-care; in order to prepare a conscious generation of young people as agents of development. This is done through cultural activities such as initiation to Christian life, civic education, agropastoral activities, sanitation, reforestation and community management, etc. Considering the need to set up structures to popularize these activities by written media, audio-visual, radio, online studies etc.

Welcoming the concerns of associations, organizations and movements working for men, women and children in the DRC and abroad regarding activities in the multi-sectoral areas to improve the living conditions of the population, Through intercultural exchanges;

In view of all the above and given the urgency;

We, the co-founding members of the Ordinary General Assembly, decided to create a non-profit association, a non-governmental development organization,


This association will be governed by the present statutes, in accordance with Act No. OO4 / 2001 of 20 July 2001 laying down general provisions applicable to non-profit-making associations and public utility establishments in force in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Article 4 :

The Social Object of la Bonne Semence a.s.b.l. / ONGD, is:

  • Fight poverty by initiating micro-projects feasible in the field of agro-pastoral and multi-sectoral in relation to the Millennium Development Goals.
  • To ensure the promotion and integral development of man through biblical teachings based on the doctrine of Jesus Christ as lord and savior of mankind; this is achieved through the creation and promotion of the written, audio-visual, community radio and other media.
  • To raise funds for the assistance and promotion of such activities
  • To cooperate with other charities, voluntary organizations and others

Article 5 :

Activities of the Bonne Semence a.s.b.l. / NGOs  will focus on the following Specific Objectives, namely;

  • Assistance, training and supervision of vulnerable and other people through educational, socio-cultural and initiation to citizenship activities.
  • Creation and participation in community development activities in urban and rural areas and capacity building in multidisciplinary areas related to the Millennium Goals;
  • Supervision and promotion of agricultural and livestock-raising activities;
  • Sensitization of populations in the promotion of hygiene, sanitation, the fight against AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases,
  • Creation, promotion and development of tourist sites;

Meet The Team

Mr Didier Sengambo

Managing Director

– Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering (The University of Salford, UK)
– High National Diploma in French Modern Language and Literature (Open University,UK)
– National Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering (Hopwood Hall College, Rochdale, UK)
– Certificate in Performing Engineering Operation (Hopwood Hall College, Rochdale, UK)

Languages: French, English, Lingala and Kikongo.

Ms. Grace Tumba Museghe

Vice Managing Director

Mr. Jires Kuwa


Mrs. Fallone Mbewa Lusiense

Vice Secretary

The Company Warehouse Ltd


Mr. Gentil Seke Tolonga


Me. Cedrick Mbundu

Advisor for Projects & Legal Affairs

Dr. Thierry Lusiense

Advisor for Projects and Medical Affairs

Mr. Aimé Sengambo


Mr. Christian Sengambo

Public Relations Advisor

Mr. Trésor Ngwe


Mrs. Deborah Seke Ushindi


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